Merci de remplir tous les champs

  1. PAOLA - 

    Bon courage les mecs ! Esperanza !

  2. AYELEN - 

    Hola, que tal? mi consulta es para saber si mañana Jueves toca Manu Chao, en bondi a palestina o solo los que figuran en el anuncio.. Muchas gracias.


    donde compro las entras cera ca vicente lopez? o directamente en el teatro? son dos entradas.

  4. PETER - 

    Manu — I love your music but you are so misguided on the issue of Palestine/Israel. Both the Palestinans and Israelis need to be able to live in peace. The Palestinians must give up their genocidal dreams of killing the Jews and driving them into the sea. Perhaps blowing up buses and launching rockets into cities should stop, no? Then perhaps we can start to talk about peace.

  5. LA PARRO - 

    ¡¡¡¡¡PALESTINA VENCERA!!!!!!!

  6. UFFE - 

    Peter// Manu misguided? You just wrote that the palestinians must give up their genocidal dreams of killing the jews. Wtf is that? What utterly racist bullshit.They DO NOT have dreams like that. They want to live in freedom. Now they live in cages and are ethnically cleansed.

  7. LADIS - 

    viejos donde puedo encontrar fechas de los próximos conciertos para el 2013 en Europa??? se tiene algo así , ya le dí mil vueltas al website no encuentro