Manu Chao Goes Crazy For La Colifata

Photo: Manu Chao Goes Crazy For <I>La Colifata</I>

JULY 28, 2009

Manu Chao Goes Crazy For

Viva La Colifata · · New Album

Listen To Manu Chao’s New La Colifata Album Here

Latin Alternative godfather Manu Chao announced the release of a new project called La Colifata today. The new album was recorded in support of a unique radio station that broadcasts from a psychiatric hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Known as La Colifata, the hospital’s station was created in 1991 as a unique establishment that uses mass media

(both television and radio) as therapeutic treatment, somewhere between clinical and social treatment. It is a resource between the clinical and external worlds that allows the patients – known as « Los Colifatos » – to recreate the social link with people living outside the hospital.

Manu Chao, a sometimes resident of Buenos Aires, has been working with La Colifata for five years, and produced this album recorded by the station’s members. The project features 20 Songs about « life, death, mothers, loneliness, love, tango, The Pope, the end of the world, the sun, and crazy grandmas ».

« La Colifata is quite a special station as it is broadcast from a psychiatric hospital, » Chao said in a press statement. « With the help of a few friends, the patients decided to launch this radio station to express themselves. To relieve everything they have inside, and to speak to the world. While I met them five or six years ago, the station has been running this way for more than 15 years. I simply could not believe it when I read their stories. » The hospital’s residents also appeared in the Emir Kusturiça-directed music video for Chao’s 2008 song « Rainin’ In Paradize. »

Chao and La Colifata also launched a website in order to help the station and hospital with their unique approach. Fans can purchase the album with a « pay what you want » donation.