Manu Chao Live on X-Posure

Manu Chao Live on X-Posure

18 March 2008

French-born globe-trotting legend Manu Chao made a rare visit to the UK and spoke exclusively to our man John Kennedy on X-Posure. Here’s how it happened…

The self-proclaimed King of The Bongo has been playing music all his life and has never shied away from controversial political commentary. With roots in both France and Spain (his family were forced to flee Franco‘s dictatorship in Spain), Manu has always managed to maintain a multinational element in his songs, singing often in English, Spanish and French.

Manu Chao’s last album ‘La Radiolina’ was met with almost unanimous critical acclaim, and his songs laden with political comment and championing the causes of the poor and down-trodden, have kept him the darling of the left-wing press.

The travelling troubador visited Xfm last night (March 17) to talk to John Kennedy and play a few live acoustic tracks.

Listen To The Full Interview Including Live Tracks Here (35 Mins)