Manu Chao Press Quotes

« Playing just before Rage, the French-Spanish producer and songwriter Manu Chao got that massive field dancing wildly with a rapid-fire blend of reggae, post-punk, Afropop and more, breaking the rules of genre left and right. »

Los Angeles Times

« [Manu Chao is] the ringmaster of a multicultural, cross-generational, genre-busting circus that can whip tens of thousands of people into a frenzy even if they don’t speak the same language. »


« Rainin in Paradize: We guarantee you won’t hear a peppier, more upbeat song all year-or at least, not one that also includes the words « atrocity, » « catastrophe, » and « calamity. » (Did we mention « Fallujah »?)…This heartfelt reaction to institutionalized violence…will seize you by the proverbial lapels-and make you dance. »

New York Magazine

« Rainin in Paradize is a glorious, fist-pumping riot of driving beats and soaring punk guitar lines, with Chao’s irrepressible spirit making it a defiant rallying call rather than a resigned grumble. One of the singles of the year so far… »

The Guardian (UK)

 » …. of the few musicians whose range is broad enough to appeal to both hardcore punks and the gentle souls who listen to KCRW by combining the uplifting idealism of Bob Marley and the surreal poetry of Bob Dylan with the frenetic energy of the Clash. While there have been a zillion bands that share those influences, there’s something uniquely enchanting in the way Chao blends rock, ska, funk, rap, punk, salsa, folk, heavy metal, cabaret and Gypsy styles… »


« …a staggeringly dynamic, enlightening set from renegade Latin rocker Manu Chao. So striking was his appearance that it…gained him instant notoriety among people who may not have heard him before…This massive introduction to thousands who are probably still mispronouncing his name was a riveting revelation, the somewhat delayed arrival of a major protest-and-peace rocker to an English-speaking audience… »

OC Register

« Manu Chao, the French-Spanish troubadour, played a strong set of old and new

songs within his framework of broad folk-populism: reggae double-timing into punk; flamenco guitar; peace slogans and chants in Spanish and English; simulated radio patter; sampled siren sounds going off at intervals. He was angry, but offered solutions. »

New York Times

« Figuratively speaking the planet is shrinking by the day, and Manu Chao is singularly qualified to capture this contraction in song…He and his raucous co-conspirators utilize reggae rhythms Caribbean grooves and electronic instrumentation, with nods to rock, funk, DJ culture and lots more. The resulting mix constitutes thinking-man’s party music so infectious that reps at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are probably studying it right now and they’d better hurry because « Rainin in Paradise » a single available for free download at www.manuchao.net as a preview of La Rodiolina an album set for a September debut is mighty catchy as well. »

Denver Westword

« …one of the founding fathers of the rock en espanol movement…Chao aggressively blends punk, reggae and Latin folk music. »

Chicago Tribune

 » Manu Chao…has been compared to the Clash’s Joe Strummer, and his mainstage set made it easy to see why. Fusing rock, reggae and plenty else, the guitarist-singer led a smoking band through a tireless set… »

The Seattle Times

« Chao could well represent the multicultural future of music. »


« It didn’t matter what language he was singing in because the music was fantastic. »

Seattle Post Intelligencer

« Chao has mixed a variety of world beat, reggae and rock sounds together with a constant message of optimism and hope delivered with incredible energy on stage. »

New Orleans Times Picayune

« Manu Chao’s pioneering form of Latin alternative music is finally catching on in the U.S. »

Los Angeles Daily News

« The crown prince of pan-Latin fusion… »

Detroit News