On Saturday July 19th, 2008

manu chao live at hootananny - brixton/london

On Saturday July 19th 500 people crammed into a secret gig at a local Scottish pub in Brixton to see Manu Chao and his band Radio Bemba play in support of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas. Hosted by Movimientos, the night featured live music and documentary films and raised funds for the Native Spirit Foundation.

This was, certainly for Londoners, a truly unique opportunity to see Manu Chao in an intimate setting, a far cry from huge festival headline slots and stadium tours. The band sweated and poured every ounce of energy into their performance finally finishing at 3am, after a truly exhilarating hour and a half show.

Three fantastic bands had already set the tempo for the night to an excited crowd. Kogui (Colombia), Kausary (Peru), and Ambaibo (Bolivia) featuring musicians from all over Latin American, played a vibrant mix of rhythms rooted in indigenous music.

Proceeds from the event will go to Native Spirit Foundation to help fund autonomous educational projects for children in indigenous communities and to support communities in their struggle to maintain their culture and land.

Native Spirit will be presenting the 2nd Film Festival of Indigenous people of the three Americas in London and other cities in Europe this October.

This years’ festival will focus on the environment and issues surrounding climate change. It will host films and interactive workshops, lead by indigenous figures, in schools, universities and other organisations that work with young people. Leading figures from a number of different indigenous communities will be travelling to Europe at this time and will come especially to participate in this years’ programme

see link on other news item for more details of the festival