We write to you from Greece in particular from the north of the country. If you look at a map you will see in the northeast, three peninsulas of land penetrating the sea this is Chalkidiki.
We are from the committee of Megali Panagia against goldmines. Megali Panagia is a village located at the base of the mountain Kakavos were one of the most important forests of Chalkidiki, the forest of Skouries lies. We like many other villages of NE Chalkidiki carry a curse, we can not lift, the curse of gold and mining.

We know fully that you realise and appreciate how gold mining works and how destructive open pit mining is but we would briefly like to tell you a few more things about our situation. The Greek state is attempting to turn the municipality of Aristotle, were Megali Panagia. and 15 other villages belong to, into a heavy chemical industrial zone encompassing a processing plant for gold metallurgy and production of sulfuric acid lakes with millions of tons of toxic waste and of course we will be left with a huge crater (open pit).

All of this is proposed to occure right above our heads in our beautiful and invigorating forest of Skouries. The « boss » of the region is called Eldorado Gold and has come from Canada to Chalkidiki to take land, water, air, and our lives, in return for some jobs. In the name of development they come for gold and leave behind a toxic graveyard, as they do all around the world, wherever they go.

The opposition to this project in essence started in 2006 by a few people and has since grown into a large movement that continues to expand. Our fight, is a grass roots movement, a righteous struggle for land, water and freedom, and has gone through many phases and changes, but right now we are probably at the most critical point. Up to now 22 major court cases have been formed concerning over 320 persons. The trials are in progress and will last for many years. We knew and expected that repression would be strong and the last three years we experienced heavy oppression, police brutality, teargas, legal persecution including imprisonments.
This does not scare us it angers us.

What hurts us is that for over two years, Eldorado Gold has settled in Skouries in the mountain (where the residents for three years maintained an outpost for the struggle and were forcibly evicted from it by 400 employees of the company in March 2012), and is proceeding with deforestration and mining work while being guarded by the Greek police and private security. This hurts us because the damage to the forest is continuing while the company is slowly establishing itself in the picture.

Committee against gold mining from Megali Panagia
You can contact us
e-mail : epitropiagonapanagias@gmail.com


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