Hon. High Court begins hearing on kathputli colony case, next hearing on 11th March;

Hon. LG Najib Jung ensures no evictions, asks residents to submit working plan on redevelopment by April 1st, 2014;

Residents of Kathputli colony continue to struggle for land rights and justice !

Today was a crucial day in the lives of 3500 families who are facing the threat of evictions in the heart of the city. Residents of kathputli colony guarded their homes since early morning as a delegation of representatives went to attend the first hearing of their plea in the high court to save kathputli colony which has been home to several artists, musicians, puppeteers, poets, construction workers, weavers, domestic workers for more than 50 years.

The surveys conducted by the DDA have not been done according to the DDA resettlement policy and officials from DDA have admitted that they are not aware of the survey guidelines as well. Yet instead of taking time to conduct another survey, following norms and laws, and asking people what they wish for, the people of Kathputli colony received a notice for evictions to begin from 24th February 2014 ( which is also a violation of the law that clearly says at least a month’s notice must be given to residents before evictions).

While the DDA and Raheja builders tried to mask their faults and sell their plans in the court, the residents of kathputli colony appealed to terminate plans to evict residents of Kathputli colony and include the residents in the planning process. The Hon. High court has decided to hear the case further and has announced 11th march 2014 as the date for the next hearing.

In another meeting held today on this issue with the Hon. Lt. Governor of Delhi, has been welcomed by people as a step towards participatory planning. The hon. LG has assured the residents of kathputli colony that they will not be evicted. He also agreed with concerns regarding multistory housing and the lack of space for people, their work and culture. He stated that this project must be implemented in a participatory manner and has invited residents of kathputli colony to submit a proposal to redevelop kathputli colony by 1st April 2014. He was encouraging towards allotment of plots of land where families can provide shelter to the children and secure their future.

The residents of Kathputli colony stand firm by their demands for land rights and a fair inquiry into why was the land of kathputli colony auctioned off to raheja builders in just rs. 6 . 11 crores when the estimated cost of this land is more than Rs. 1043 crores ? Why were residents told there was no land for them ? People are willing to contribute this amount of Rs. 6.11 crores towards ensuring their ownership rights over this land that they have developed and resided at for the last 50 years. The PPP contract signed between DDA and Rahejas has many irregularities and the DDA officials are also violating their own norms according to the master plan and survey guidelines.

We appeal to all friends to stand by us as we struggle against the nexus of politicians and builders that are refusing to acknowledge our rights to participation and development.

On behalf of the residents of Kathputli colony,

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kathputli colony struggle continues ! people prepare to stop bulldozers and save their homes and resist the DDA and private builders as they prepare to snatch away land from those who made it worthy of 1043 crores ! but the DDA chose to auctioned this land away at just rs. 6.11 crore and allow the rahejas to earn profits estimated at 2600 crores. they say this colony stinks and is too dirty, but what a world we have today that makes people realise that there’s nothing dirtier and stinkier than corruption of land , of water, of mines, of souls.
People have been informed by the DDA that the ‘shifting’ and ‘registration’ of ‘eligibile’ families will begin tomorrow….Join us if you can to stop evictions and build a future that workers of the city want.

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