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Last Update: Sunday 30 November, 2008

Western Sahara’s struggle for self-determination

Green Left Weekly’s Margarita Windisch spoke with Sid’Ahmed Tayeb, the minister of public health for the exiled Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, in 27 February refugee camp.

The University of Pretoria hosts a conference on Western Sahara as a case of study on multilateralism and International Law

The Government of South Africa will organise, the 4th and 5th December in the University of Pretoria, a conference on Western Sahara as a case of study on multilateralism and International Law.

Art Tifariti festival is a cultural message in favour of the Saharawi cause (coordinator)

The Coordinator of the festival Art Tifariti, Ms. Chasca Morri considered that the « event is a message that aims to raise awareness about the question of Western Sahara through art ».

Moroccan forces of occupation oppress a demonstration of Saharawi Phosbucraa’s workers and pensioners

The Moroccan forces of occupation violently dispersed a peaceful demonstration organised last Thursday by a group of Saharawi workers and pensioners of the company of Phosbucraa, who were demanding their rights..

Spanish congress reaffirms Saharawi people’s right to self-determination

The Committee of Foreign Affairs in the Spanish Parliament’s low chamber unanimously adopted a resolution last Thursday calling on the Spanish government to defend an « urgent, just and definitive » solution…

New Danish Committee of support to the Saharawi people created in Copenhagen

A new Danish Committee of support was created last Thursday in Copenhagen and is calling on the EU not to grant a so-called Advanced Status to Morocco, unless the occupied Western Sahara is specifically excluded from the agreement.

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