Ti.PO.TA: ANATOLI ( Ανατολή) Feat. Sokratis Malamas

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We are happy to announce our new collaboration with a dear friend and a great Greek singer Sokratis Malamas . Together all three we fly over the Greek sky and we wish for an sunrise that will warm our hearts and our soul and give color to all our grey fields..

Our new song is called Anatoli which means ‘ sunrise ‘ in Greek language.



Three voices, Manu from the fields of Galicia, Klelia , the island girl from Zakynthos and Sokratis from Chalkidiki ‘s winds, are singing for a sun to rise, big as fire!


Beauty in your hearts and in your souls is gonna rise a sun , big as fire. This is the neighborhood we all want to live in. The neighbourhood of beauty!

Lets rise this sun!


Music: Klelia Renesi

Lyrics: Klelia Renesi - Manu Chao

Voice: Klelia Renesi - Manu Chao - Sokratis Malamas

Arrangements: Manu Chao

Guitars- Bass: Manu Chao


Special thanks to :

Prova Studio Athens -Greece

Titos Kariotakis-Christos Charbilas

John Papatriantafillou

Vasilis Bacharidis

Vaggelis Lakatzis



URL    http://open.spotify.com/album/5xyzRDoGX4uPratwXzkuip



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