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  1. DERMAN - 

    I switched from Windows to Mac OS less than a year ago. In my oinipon, your posts are based on nothing and shouldn’t have been posted. They seem like posts based on experience, but what experience do you have after just a few days of testing? You continue expecting the same crap like in Windows, you have your old habits and views, not matter if they make sense or not. Switching is not the easiest thing to do, you have to be open-minded, interested and need to know, that you don’t know anything.I consider myself not a Mac expert, I continue to learn, and I will be doomed if I post something like this after just a week of testing ANYTHING.As the many quickly posted comments show you, there is absolutely no foundation for practically any single point you mentioned. Especially interesting is the fact you mention Firefox in the app/document context. An application, whose support for Mac OS X sucks (even the developers say so), which is cross-platform and primarily developped for other platforms. Now, is this a good example, or NOT? Sure, Safari has tabs, but not by default.These posts of yours destroy more than they help other switchers or even yourself. For them, they begin to fear the switch, based on your oinipons as a short term user. For you, because you don’t learn how to get important apps and tips via Google (this is btw fairly easy, enter what you need, add mac and you get it!), instead you are dependant on comments posted to your blog solving only the issues you mention, requiring precious time of the posters because of your lazyness (couldn’t think of a more appropriate word here, sorry).I invested hundreds of hours before my switch, was comfortable with the interface of nearly every app I use today before even using a Mac for the first time. I know and use more apps than most other Mac users I know. I files over 50 bug reports at Apple since december, most of them under investigation and only two or three closed (trivial, non-bugs). But I do not consider myself a Mac expert (repeating myself). I don’t expect you to do all this, as it needs a lot of time, but then, please do not post stuff like this instead, look for solutions!Daniel

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