Manu & Diego Maradona

Manu & Madjid playing for Diego Maradona in Buenos Aires streets. Extract from « Maradona by Kusturica » documentary.
Manu & Madjid tocando por Diego Maradona en las calles de Buenos Aires. Extracto del documentario « Maradona por Kusturica ».
Manu & Madjid jouant pour Diego Maradona dans les rues de Buenos Aires. Extrait du documentaire « Maradona par Kusturica ».

  1. RENEE - 

    Hello HeyIndy, If i gave you a picture of a Serbian Soccer palyer named Dragan Stojkovic, will you be able to draw him like the Maradona picture. Also how much would you charge for that.Please let me know.You have some great talent.

  2. GUSTAFAO - 

    One of the best Songs

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