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Enzo Brandner

  1. MARIA - 

    Agree with Mr. Brandner on the emphasis to write, write, write, and that no one is pferect on a first draft, but I think he’s still viewing the publishing game in the legacy sense. There have been far too many quality eBooks to come along, horror genre especially, that were released by authors outside of traditional publishing on their own. I’ve got 10 books queued up on iBooks right now, and probably 70 percent of them are from noobs, who had solid samples. J.A. Konrath also forsook the traditional publishing model in exchange for half-million dollar profits per year from his self publishing empire. Times have changed, and authors today need to be aware of these changes whether established or new. To echo Mr. Brandner’s statements, there have always been bad books, whether in the publishing or self publishing sense. EReaders have empowered the reader to sift out the good from the bad without the help of a publisher, and if your name isn’t Stephen King, then it’s time to up your game. Of course, that means if you are going to self publish, you get an outside editor and invest in quality cover artwork and book formatting. Mine looks fantastic, and I did it for $106. After the editing costs, I’m thinking $500 or $600 overall. Traditional publishing pisses so much money away on book production that it isn’t even funny, and it hurts the author more than anyone else. I think I’ll take my chances. Despite the disagreement, though, I’m eagerly looking forward to Mr. Brandner’s Howling Trilogy on my Nook Color. No matter what my differences in opinion are with him on publishing, I have no doubt that he’s a solid writer, and I look forward to being whisked away to these worlds for the first time.

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